Governor's Advisory Council for
Exceptional Citizens

Meet Our Members and Staff

GACEC is a volunteer Council and holds scheduled meetings that are open to the public. Officers are elected every two years, with the elected Chairperson responsible for providing the Council its primary leadership and supervision of the staff members.

The Leadership Committee consists of the officers, committee chairs, and the Past Chairperson. The Council developed and is guided by its By-Laws, and a Code of Ethics to effectively discharge its diverse responsibilities. The Council believes strongly in its mission to advise and advocate on behalf of individuals with exceptionalities to improve their lives.


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GACEC staff includes an Executive Director – Pam Weir, Officer Manager – Kathie Cherry, Administrative Coordinator – Lacie Spence and Administrative Support Specialist – Theresa Moore. The Executive Director performs administrative responsibilities, prepares Council reports and correspondence, and has liaison responsibilities specifically with the Department of Education (DOE) and generally within Delaware’s human services delivery system.