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Delaware Disability Hub Instructional Videos

Deldhub homepageDelaware Disability Hub or Deldhub.com is a transition website created by the Governor’s Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens (GACEC) for youth with disabilities as they move from child to adulthood. Parents/caregivers and special ed teachers also benefit from their very own sections with many resources on www.deldhub.com. Though a Delaware website, the HUB  has worldwide applications as a Transition website to help youth with disabilities, parents/caregivers, and teachers.

Website planning categories are filled with information on Education, Emergency Preparedness, Employment, Health, Housing, It’s My Life, Legal, Transportation, and Understanding My Disability.

There is a section just for parents/caregivers to help guide your teen. Teachers benefit from the many lesson plans and access to all the information on the entire site in your section.

Look for the Toolkits in each category they are the key to resources on Delaware Disability Hub or Deldhub.com. You will also find a lot of videos that help during the transitional years.

www.deldhub.com is a project of the Delaware GACEC. https://www.GACEC.delaware.gov

From the homepage text, you can access the following short instructional videos which help you and those you share this site to understand Deldhub.com.  

Introduction by Wendy Strauss 

Finding Your Way Around the Homepage  

How to Use webReader  by ReadSpeaker   

Toolkits How to Find and Use Them  

Help for Parents/Caregivers Help for

Teachers and Transition Coordinators 


Please share www.deldhub.com with anyone you think would benefit from the transition website. 

Find out more about GACEC    or contact us at 302-739-4553


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