Governor's Advisory Council for
Exceptional Citizens

Pam Weir

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Pam Weir is a graduate of Wesley College and is currently pursuing a degree in Behavioral Science at Wilmington University. She has 23 years of experience in human services: she has worked with children and adults with disabilities in various capacities, including provision of direct care to children with disabilities, collaboration with families of children with disabilities to help them navigate public and private services and supports, and provision of leadership and advocacy training to families to empower them and ensure their inclusion in decision-making arenas. Mrs. Weir’s human-services experience includes 12 years in program management and implementation that includes the development and implementation of policies and processes to align with federal and state regulations and of evaluation plans to measure and monitor the effectiveness of policies and processes, completion of annual reports including goals, activities, and objectives, evaluation of program initiatives, provision of oversight and support for the Part C of the state IDEA Interagency Coordinating Council, and representation on statewide committees and councils to ensure inclusion of program initiatives. Mrs. Weir is married and has 3 children; her two sons, ages 23 and 24 years, attend the University of Delaware and her daughter, age 26 years, attends Wilmington University. She and her husband are in the “empty nest” phase of their lives and recently adopted an adorable Walrus Basset hound from a rescue organization in Georgia. Mrs. Weir is the new Executive Director of the GACEC and looks forward to enhancing her understanding and experience in this role. She is dedicated to advancing the mission of the GACEC and its work in advocating and advising for all Delawareans with exceptionalities across their lifespans.