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Tika Hartsock

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Tika Hartsock

Tika Hartsock is the parent of a 12-year-old son, who is on the autism spectrum. Ms. Hartsock earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Pre-Law, from Delaware State University, a master’s degree in Urban Affairs and Public Policy with a concentration in Community Development and Youth Leadership from the University of Delaware, and a master’s degree in Education from Wilmington University. Appointed by Senator Lockman in 2019, Ms. Hartsock serves on the Redding Consortium for Education Equity, which was created to recommend policies and actions to the Governor and General Assembly that will achieve educational equity and improve educational outcomes for all students in Wilmington and northern New Castle County. She also serves as Secretary of the State Special Education Strategic Plan Advisory Council, created to develop a statewide plan that will improve the delivery of special education in Delaware through a representative stakeholder process. In addition, Ms. Hartsock is a member of Delawareans for Educational Opportunity and the former President of the Board of Directors of the Parent Information Center of Delaware. Her commitment to equitable education in all of these initiatives is driven by her philosophy to support all children in being the best possible versions of themselves. Ms. Hartsock serves on the GACEC in the role of parent of a child with disabilities and is Chairperson of the Children and Youth Committee and a member of the Membership Committee

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