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Governor's Advisory Council for
Exceptional Citizens

Officers and Committee Assignments 2020-2021


Ann Fisher, Chair
Terri Hancharick, Vice-Chair
Karen Eller, Secretary/Treasurer
Vacant, Past Chair

Administrative Committees

Al Cavalier,  Chair
Vacant, Vice Chair
Bill Doolittle
Karen Eller
Jennifer Pulcinella
Robert Overmiller, Chair
Ann Fisher, Vice Chair

Issues Committee

Adult/Transition Services
Tom Keeton, Chair
, Vice Chair
Nancy Cordrey
Terri Hancharick
Robert Overmiller
Children and Youth
Bill Doolittle, Chair
Karen Eller, Vice-Chair
Al Cavalier
Corey Gilden
Tika Hartsock
Maria Olivere
Trenee Parker
Jill Scannell

Infant/Early Childhood
Jennifer Pulcinella, Chair
Vacant, Vice-Chair
Ann Fisher
Lindsay Williamson

Policy and Law

Beth Mineo, Chair
Laura Waterland, Vice Chair
Genesis Johnson
Erika Powell
Brenné Shepperson

All positions subject to change.

Last updated 04/8/2021   

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