Governor's Advisory Council for
Exceptional Citizens

Transition Task Force

The Transition Taskforce was established by Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR 34), which was sponsored by Senator Bethany Hall-Long and Representative Rebecca Walker. The Task Force was chaired by Governor’s Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens (GACEC) Chairperson, Terri Hancharick and Executive Director, Wendy Strauss. The Chairs met with Governor Jack Markell, Lt. Governor Matt Denn, and the Secretaries of Education, Housing, Transportation, Health and Social Services, Division of Services for Children, Youth and their Families and Department of Labor to obtain buy in for the development and sustainability of the Transition Website.

The taskforce was comprised of 31 members from a variety of backgrounds as well as work groups for housing/ transportation, education, employment, and health in addition to an IEP group. Taskforce co-chairs met with the cabinet secretaries prior to the introduction of the Taskforce bill to obtain buy-in on the importance of the bill and to ensure they were committed to sending one of their staff to the meetings.

A PDF version is available of the full report  and the Executive Summary .