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Bill Doolittle is the father of two sons, both of whom are students at the University of Delaware, one of whom has a disability. He is a volunteer advocate for all children at risk, focusing on individual child advocacy and local and state system-change advocacy. Mr. Doolittle’s specialty areas include special education funding, inclusion, restraint and seclusion, assessment systems including alternate assessment, individualized instruction, school choice, and state and federal disability-related legislation and regulations. He serves as the acting treasurer and an executive committee member of the Parent Information Center, the co-chairperson of the Delaware Special Education Strategic Plan Advisory Council, a member of the Extended Learning Opportunity Subcommittee of the Interagency Resource Management Committee, the IDEA Eligibility Regulation 925 Stakeholder Group, the statewide Special Education Family Advocates Group (in the process of formation), the District/Charter Collaboration Committee of the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission, and the Delaware Legislative Task Force on Improvement of the IEP Process. Mr. Doolittle also is a member of the Academic Framework Workgroup, the Autism Strategic Plan Workgroup, the Functional Curriculum Committee, the Delaware Autism Task Force, the ESSA Measures Workgroup, and the Advisory Council of the State Strategic Improvement Plan — all for the Delaware Department of Education. Mr. Doolittle is one of the organizers of the Technical Lead Equitable Funding Plan Stakeholder Collaborative. He has assisted in the drafting of numerous regulations for state laws that concern the rights and well-being of Delaware residents with disabilities. He also has made presentations on how to be an effective advocate for children with disabilities at a National PTA Convention and in a National PTA Special Education Webinar. Mr. Doolittle serves on the GACEC in the roles of a person with a disability and parent of a child with a disability.