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Governor's Advisory Council for
Exceptional Citizens

Ad-Hoc Committees

The ad-hoc committees referenced below are all under the auspices of the Governor’s Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens (GACEC).

In October of 2019, the GACEC learned that there could be issues in regard to special education services and IEPs at Glasgow High School in the Christina School District. The Exceptional Delaware blog had information saying that 70 IEP meetings were possibly not held or information was falsified showing that they were held. The GACEC wrote a letter to the Department of Education in reference to these allegations.

An ad hoc committee was formed by members of the GACEC and other advocacy groups. This committee met with several individuals with first-hand knowledge on these allegations who were restricted on what they were able to share due to their positions with the District. In the meantime, a compliance agreement was implemented between the Christina School District and the Exceptional Children’s Resources group of the Delaware Department of Education. The purpose of the Agreement was to address the current findings of noncompliance pending against Glasgow High School and the Christina School District under Part B of the IDEA and establish a timeline for correction of noncompliance.

The GACEC-lead ad hoc committee and the GACEC Council as a whole will continue to monitor and review the issues and concerns that were brought to our attention. The committee will make recommendations to ensure that this does not happen again to our most vulnerable population.

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